Sydney Harbour Federation Trust – Liberal National Party Selling NSW

Sydney Harbour Federation Trust – Liberal and National Party Selling New South Wales.


Why are the principles of crown land management being so blatantly ignored, not just by negligence but by outright illegality in breach of the Crown Lands Act?  Why is this condoned not only in regard to developers, but by councils as failed trustees, by the NSW Crown Lands Department who has failed administration system, and in the last decade by Public Servants employed to uphold the law, but Ministerial manipulations and rorts.


Why is the sale of land to private owners started by the Federal Labor Party been allowed to continue under a Federal Liberal National Party Government? Mr Bailey CEO of the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust was quoted as saying that Crown Land is owned by the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust …WRONG …it is owned by the people of Australia.


Before the New South Wales State and Federal election-


The Member for Warringah, the Hon. Tony Abbott, responded on this issue: – “I have been extremely concerned about this issue ever since the former Labor Government announced the military’s plans to leave in answer to a Parliamentary Question on Notice from me in May 1995. Since then, I have organized a number of protest meetings and campaigned strongly to ensure that this priceless piece of our heritage is not squandered to the everlasting loss of the people of Sydney and Australia.”


A response from Joe Hockey, the Member for North Sydney stated: “The sheer volume of correspondence I have received on this issue indicates that while the community respects the need for the Department of Defence to occupy prime land for strategic purposes, this need does not encompass a right to pass title to this land into the hands of private interests. Significantly, the views of the local community also reflect a general desire to promote intergenerational equity when it comes to our environment. The request that the lands do not fall victim to private concerns is not motivated by jealousy on the part of local residents.”


Seriously, what has changed, why have these men, who are now leaders of Australia gone against everything that they said and now is advocating the sale of Crown Land. The story appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald.;jsessionid=AEA9B0DF2A7E0560F50175AB6272E30D?sy=afr&pb=all_ffx&dt=selectRange&dr=1month&so=relevance&sf=text&sf=headline&rc=10&rm=200&sp=brs&cls=18871&clsPage=1&docID=SMH140329VG6UD2GHN4F


But they are not selling it to Australians, they are selling it to overseas investors, not small parts of the state, but large pieces of important land that was put aside for the future use of our citizens.


The White Paper on Crown Land Management which has been shelved until after the election sought to water down the laws so that large items like Jenolan Caves could be sold. A member of the Crown Land Our Land has written to the Premier and the Minister, from the Central Coast she expressed her frustration in the political deals and corruption in that area. Some of what she wrote is quoted here.


“The Premier needs to know what voters are concerned about up here.  The last Liberal member standing up here , Chris Holstein, has a record of ignoring not one but two  10,000 plus signatures on Parliamentary petitions regarding the Developer- friendly takeover of  public school and Crown Land sites on Gosford Waterfront for private development under Minister Brad Hazzard , calling the signatories A “vocal minority” and even” bananas”.


The latest takeover has been under Mike Baird’s watch, at the Broadwater, (part of the State declared SSS),  with a site reserved for Public Recreation W2 entirely given over to a developer, with the support of CCRDC and the approval of your Minister for Lands – and  with as yet absolutely NO opportunity for community input at all into the approval to thus illegally alienate Crown Land without a Plan of Management being prepared for the Minister which would assess the impact of the extension of use on the original purpose for which the land was reserved.


When this is pointed out directly, attempts to cover up are all we get.  I have had a letter from Minister for Lands reassuring me they are working closely with GCC to ensure things are done correctly.  But they haven’t been, and he has already given his approval.  Can illegal processes be smoothed over by collaboration?”


And more “Unless these issues are recognised, and responded to by the current government,  selecting Liberal candidates for the next State elections will be a waste of time, however strategic  it may seem at the moment. Political parties for too long have placed too much faith in their power to use the media to persuade and dissemble.  Performance and delivery of service, after listening to the constituency, is what is needed.”


It is a sorry state of affairs when ordinary people spend endless time and energy to contact their elected representatives only to be ignored or brushed aside referring it to the “minister” or the department hoping they have brushed the community aside. We afraid that it will not happen this time, the community have rallied, they are communicating with each other, supporting each other and using social media to get the problem out there. Only action will satisfy, Premier Baird, only action.


June M Bullivant OAM

Crown Land Our Land








Left Over’s from 2009 – Adopted by Baird Government.

 Left Over’s from 2009 – Adopted by Baird Government.

The establishment of Crown Land Our Land and our affiliated groups networked to research the complexities and management of Crown Land and the push by the NSW Government to sell our land off has led to some interesting partners who have been watching the progression of Public Servants through the ranks of the service to attain high office usually to the detriment of the NSW Community. We have a number of examples, starting with Sam Haddad who held a high ranking office in the Department of Planning and now has been stood aside after a failed attempt to legislate a White Paper for planning which after a lot of intense work by the Better Planning Network with its affiliated members, was shelved for the time being.

The next person to come to our attention is Stephen Fenn, a man who was chief advisor to disgraced Minister Tony Kelly when he sold off Carrawong, is now highly placed in the Crown Lands Department and in charge of the White Paper for the privatisation of Crown land which was to be sold off. The White Paper Crown land has also been shelved for the time being.

Now that leads us to the current announcement by Planning Minister Pru Goward “that a committee of senior bureaucrats had been formed to articulate a ‘new vision’ for Sydney’s harbour, led by Les Wielinga, the new committee has been told to deliver a coordinated foreshore strategy” SMH 30th August 2014. Below is a small sample of the work of Mr Wielinga for your perusal. The question now being asked by CLOL is why has this man been appointed to a senior position to decide what should happen to our Sydney Harbour Foreshore.


Quoting from the linked webpage: Les Wielinga, previously the RTA’s Director of Motorways and Chairperson of the Lane Cove Tunnel Integration Group, was appointed to the RTA position of Chief Executive Officer in July, 2006.

In April, 2009, Wielinga, by then the ‘head’ of the Sydney Metro Authority, was one of the Senior New South Wales roads executives and members of former roads minister Eric Roozendaal’s office implicated in an Ombudsman’s report which was referred to the state’s ‘corruption watchdog’.

During his RTA career, Wielinga was also involved in Pacific Highway ‘upgrades’ which would maximise environmental and human devastation. He worked on the Bulahdelah to Coolongolook ‘upgrade’ for which the longest route ‘option’, affecting the second highest number of people, was used. Les Wielinga could have prevented the conglomeration of atrocities the RTA [has now inflicted] on Bulahdelah township, its residents and road users with the fraudulently named ‘Bulahdelah Bypass’ but did not.

[In late March or early April, 2009, the Ombudsman] ‘sent his report to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), concerned the potentially corrupt practices may have spread to the entire public sector’. Why haven’t all potentially life-affecting projects involving the RTA been delayed pending investigation? _________________________________________________________


In July, 2009, Les Wielinga was appointed Director General of Transport.

Following the 2011 state election, GLADYS BEREJIKLIAN and DUNCAN GAY appointed Wielinga Director General of the newly created Transport for NSW.

As Director General of Transport for NSW, Les Wielinga, together with Paul Broad, (the then) CEO of Infrastructure NSW, was ‘in charge of delivering … WestConnex and [the] North West Rail Link’.

Les Wielinga ‘retired’ in September, 2013.

In August, 2014, PRU GOWARD, Minister for Planning, announced that a ‘new’ ‘high level’ committee of senior bureaucrats had been formed to articulate a “new vision” for Sydney’s harbour.

The heads of the Department of Planning and Environment, Premier and Cabinet, Transport for NSW, Roads and Maritime Services, NSW Treasury, Trade and Investment and Government Property NSW will comprise the committee.

The committee is to be led by Les Wielinga.

Given that the WestConnex development is planning to deliver a very expensive, disruptive and high carbon project, the future should be public transport, we believe that WestConnex when completed will be obsolete with the planned projects from Urban Growth, why is the Government going down this path.

Information received from People Opposing and Exposing Corruption NSW

June M Bullivant OAM

Crown Land Our Land.

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Parramatta Female Factory – Government Promises – Overseas Developers.

Crown Land Our Land was formed to highlight the problems of the NSW Communities. The lack of respect by our elected leaders who were put into government to look after us, our homes, our lively hoods, our farms, water. Over successive governments the lack of representation for our communities is unbelievable and literally thousands of people are putting their lives on hold to protest about the problems they are having trying to protect their homes. The rush of the current government to allow big development has already been experienced when the community fought to have the NSW Planning laws actually represent the community instead of Big Business. Then the White Paper giving the government the means to sell off our precious assets to overseas interests has been shelved for the time being. but come the March election if the same people are in Government it will be aired again. June Bullivant writes about the problems in the Parramatta local government area………………..

Sitting through three sessions of consultation meetings with people hired by Urban Growth (the commercial arm of the NSW Government) has not allayed the fears of our groups for the privatisation and commercialisation of land that belongs to all Australians. Day one we were asked questions and our views, played pin the tail and then the crunch, “we need to do something to pay for all of this.”

Local State Member Geoff Lee was quoted in the local newspapers as saying he supported the plan that is being proposed by the State Government, he held the party line. He also was quoted as saying he did not the are World Heritage Listed, his reasoning, they would not be able to sell off the land surrounding it to the developers for the building of high rise.

The State government thinks that this land is theirs to sell, they say that the money is needed for conservation of the buildings on the site. All the new releases are now saying the other buildings on the site. There is no mention that these buildings are the only intact sandstone buildings in Australia built by Parramatta sandstone from the Fleet Street Quarry and by convicts. No other place in Australia has intact buildings, only ruins.

The State Government is pushing to have 6000, apartments on this convict site, people say “Oh I hope that it will be put aside for affordable housing”, well there hopes are to be dashed. The author knows that clandestine tours of non English speaking overseas developers were driven around Parramatta. Affordable Housing is not even on the horizon, most of these developments are sold off the plan, to overseas investors, this means that they will own the land on the site.

Of course these units will need to be serviced so that means 6,000 apartments will need to have electricity and water, if you have witnessed any building site you will know of the rubbish generated and the mess made of the building site, of course the public will not see the devastation because they surround it with fabric you cannot see through.

Will they have an explorative archaeological dig so they know what they are digging up, they have not said, have they promised that the sandstone structures will be safe and conserved, yes, but not when, they will sell off the surrounding land, will they put the money in a special account to be used for the convict buildings,  they have not said.

So my friends they have not developed a plan for the Convict Buildings (they are occupied by the NSW Department of Health) they have not told us the plans to develop the convict site for tourism or how the community can use them, they have only showed us a plan to sell and develop the land for high rise to sell off to overseas developers.

We are angry, why, because the trust in the NSW Government is at a low ebb, why because of a corruption of process, because our land is being sold for profit, because the push by this Government is to develop, develop, develop and to hell with the community, you will get what we tell you,  they have declared the site to be of State Significance, this means from here in you will not be able to have  an impact on decision making, they can increase the height at their whim, and there will be no way that you will be able to stop it.

Watched a presentation on the work on our World Heritage Listed Parramatta Park, no ifs buts or maybe, this was set in concrete with no consultation with the committees set up by council to give important historical information, who did they work with, the same people who are currently putting portals through the 1836 Lennox Bridge. People of NSW our State is in for a vey bad period for our history and our heritage, we liken it to the 1970’s, but we fear it will be much worse. There is no gate keeper with a lock on the door, it is open to the elements.

This is another exercise where our elected representatives are governing for the big end of town and not the citizens of NSW.

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June M Bullivant OAM

Crown Land Our Land.