NSW State Architect Rolls In His Grave – 200 Years Later Work Faces Destruction

If Francis Greenway was alive today, he would be on the streets protesting about what the modern day State Architect is proposing to do to his work that has lasted for 200 years. Peter Poulet the current State Architect is not a designer of grand old buildings, instead he likes modern art, “A well travelled artist” as this story in the Daily Telegraph tells the Australian Public. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/lifestyle/home-mag/architect-peter-poulets-home-is–testament-to-a-welltravelled-life/news-story/53b760e488aeaa077a986c89a5d74399

The question therefore has to be asked why a fellow that has no experience in design becomes the State Architect in Charge of the “Architects Office” of course the answer is a very simple one. You have a NSW Government that does not believe in saving out heritage and wants to sell it at any price. And that the original State Officer “Francis Greenway” is relegated to the $10 Note. francis-greenway-1777-1837-on-10-dollars-1966-banknote-from-australia-ed3ean

Francis Greenway (1777-1837), architect, was born at Mangotsfield, near Bristol, England, son of Francis Greenway and Ann, née Webb. The Greenways had been stonemasons, builders and architects in the west country for generations. Francis was in private practice as an architect in Bristol when in March 1812 he was found guilty of forging a document.

He was sentenced to death but the penalty was later changed to transportation for fourteen years. He arrived in Sydney in February 1814 in the transport General Hewitt, and was followed in July by his wife Mary, whom he had married about 1804, and three children in the Broxbornebury.

This is what the community is facing NSW from the State Government, no longer is heritage  a precious commodity to be saved for the future use of the people, but a treasure to be sold, it is ironic then that poor old Francis is put on our currency, for that is what is happening.

Peter Poulet the current State Architect presides over the work of the heritage destroyers Urban Growth, which is the development arm of the State, but managed by young inexperienced people who think that a visit by the Premier or minister to announce a grand plan of destruction, is the best thing ever. Urban Growth have lodged a development application with the ADMINISTRATOR APPOINTED BY THE BAIRD GOVERNMENT AT PARRAMATTA, which will slice the Parramatta Female Factory Precinct into three to sell off to the highest bidder. Photo courtesy of the Daily Telegraph.


The office of the State Architect has been dumbed down, this office has been the powerhouse for 200 years, it has now been reduced to an artists studio, not a design of grand buildings in sight, and the NSW community are fighting for their very life to stop the destruction of their heritage for the history and the future economy of NSW and Australia.

The problem with all of this is that when it is sold, when it is destroyed by high rise buildings, there will be nothing left that can bring tourists revenue to Parramatta. If the politicians including Geoff Lee the local member had an original thought that was sold by some one like Francis Greenway, they could see what a potential Tourism site this could be a desired destination of tourists from all over the world, it would boost the Parramatta economy for many years to come. But NO, Mr Lee has been advised (wrongly) that he will get the site World Heritage Listed after the site has been destroyed, not so Mr Lee, not so.



Left Over’s from 2009 – Adopted by Baird Government.

 Left Over’s from 2009 – Adopted by Baird Government.

The establishment of Crown Land Our Land and our affiliated groups networked to research the complexities and management of Crown Land and the push by the NSW Government to sell our land off has led to some interesting partners who have been watching the progression of Public Servants through the ranks of the service to attain high office usually to the detriment of the NSW Community. We have a number of examples, starting with Sam Haddad who held a high ranking office in the Department of Planning and now has been stood aside after a failed attempt to legislate a White Paper for planning which after a lot of intense work by the Better Planning Network with its affiliated members, was shelved for the time being.

The next person to come to our attention is Stephen Fenn, a man who was chief advisor to disgraced Minister Tony Kelly when he sold off Carrawong, is now highly placed in the Crown Lands Department and in charge of the White Paper for the privatisation of Crown land which was to be sold off. The White Paper Crown land has also been shelved for the time being.

Now that leads us to the current announcement by Planning Minister Pru Goward “that a committee of senior bureaucrats had been formed to articulate a ‘new vision’ for Sydney’s harbour, led by Les Wielinga, the new committee has been told to deliver a coordinated foreshore strategy” SMH 30th August 2014. Below is a small sample of the work of Mr Wielinga for your perusal. The question now being asked by CLOL is why has this man been appointed to a senior position to decide what should happen to our Sydney Harbour Foreshore.


Quoting from the linked webpage: Les Wielinga, previously the RTA’s Director of Motorways and Chairperson of the Lane Cove Tunnel Integration Group, was appointed to the RTA position of Chief Executive Officer in July, 2006.

In April, 2009, Wielinga, by then the ‘head’ of the Sydney Metro Authority, was one of the Senior New South Wales roads executives and members of former roads minister Eric Roozendaal’s office implicated in an Ombudsman’s report which was referred to the state’s ‘corruption watchdog’.

During his RTA career, Wielinga was also involved in Pacific Highway ‘upgrades’ which would maximise environmental and human devastation. He worked on the Bulahdelah to Coolongolook ‘upgrade’ for which the longest route ‘option’, affecting the second highest number of people, was used. Les Wielinga could have prevented the conglomeration of atrocities the RTA [has now inflicted] on Bulahdelah township, its residents and road users with the fraudulently named ‘Bulahdelah Bypass’ but did not.

[In late March or early April, 2009, the Ombudsman] ‘sent his report to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), concerned the potentially corrupt practices may have spread to the entire public sector’. Why haven’t all potentially life-affecting projects involving the RTA been delayed pending investigation? _________________________________________________________


In July, 2009, Les Wielinga was appointed Director General of Transport.

Following the 2011 state election, GLADYS BEREJIKLIAN and DUNCAN GAY appointed Wielinga Director General of the newly created Transport for NSW.

As Director General of Transport for NSW, Les Wielinga, together with Paul Broad, (the then) CEO of Infrastructure NSW, was ‘in charge of delivering … WestConnex and [the] North West Rail Link’. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/national/fat-cats-go-to-war-over-our-roads/story-fndo317g-1226590312414

Les Wielinga ‘retired’ in September, 2013.

In August, 2014, PRU GOWARD, Minister for Planning, announced that a ‘new’ ‘high level’ committee of senior bureaucrats had been formed to articulate a “new vision” for Sydney’s harbour.

The heads of the Department of Planning and Environment, Premier and Cabinet, Transport for NSW, Roads and Maritime Services, NSW Treasury, Trade and Investment and Government Property NSW will comprise the committee.

The committee is to be led by Les Wielinga.


Given that the WestConnex development is planning to deliver a very expensive, disruptive and high carbon project, the future should be public transport, we believe that WestConnex when completed will be obsolete with the planned projects from Urban Growth, why is the Government going down this path.

Information received from People Opposing and Exposing Corruption NSW

June M Bullivant OAM

Crown Land Our Land.


Photograph Daily Telegraph