Urgent Parramatta Female Factory Under Threat.

The Fleet Street Precinct is under threat from the very people who are supposed to protect it. I believe that the way  the NSW government is handling this project is not constitutional, the development action by Urban Growth is not transparent and I say this for the following reasons. Urban Growth has lodged a development application to divide this unique and iconic convict built site and rezone it. This has been done so that they can sell off parts of it to the developers. Now who will be making this decision? The Greater Sydney Commission (headed by Mrs Lucy Turnbull) will oversee that process; they will put pressure on the City Of Parramatta Council to approve this. Now who will the people be at COP who will make this decision?

This will be the NSW Government appointed administrator, there are no democratically elected councillors, they have been sacked. This was a deliberate act by the Baird Government, so as to lessen the opposition against the sale. So the person that has been appointed, who has no connection to Parramatta and I am sure that has very little knowledge of the history will be the person to make the decision. The ratepayers and members of the public who have ancestors in the Female Factory and people who generally are interested in our Australian history do not have a say. The elected State Member supports this project to divide and sell off the site (even though he is paid by the tax payers to represent us and our concerns, he follows the party line.)

The following is a comment from a participant that I believe, says what the people in the community are feeling.” I turned up this morning to discover the only things going on today were the tours for school groups and other booked groups.  Though there was meant to be stalls and information about potential ideas, there was nothing going on, so I left.  

The very young staff (with poor senses of geography and history) is all looking forward to the Smoking ceremony, ministerial speeches etc. tomorrow from 8 am.  All this sounds like it is a smoke and mirrors PR exercise and not about consultation at all.  Booklets and posters with pretty pictures, but I get no sense of depth at all.  I just hope tomorrow after the ministers leave might be more robust, but I doubt it.”

The guest Speakers for “Riot Day” were Tom and Meg Keneally, they were very concerned about the future of the Female Factory, they were amazed that the site was not World Heritage Listed, considering the importance of the stories. Tom and Meg accepted an invitation to be Patron’s for the Parramatta Female Factory Friends. meg-keneally-photo


Tom and Meg Keneally are writing a book based on their Girl in the Female Factory they say she was a “Good Girl”.


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