Moxham Quarry Environmental Wetland

  • 166 Windsor Road Northmead is “A Crown Land Reserve” the Northmead Bowling Club is built on this Crown Land – this is usually leased from the Crown at a nominal fee. I have not seen anything from the State government about the property being leased, in fact the State has no lease recorded, and the question is if it is leased, who is it, for what cost and who receives the money.
  • Developer Len Jones claims he has a lease on the property. Len Jones claims he is acting on behalf of “The State” Len Jones heads a company for private profit, if what he says is true, has he bought the lease from the bowling club; I have not found during my research any of this in the paperwork. In fact 6 days ago Crown Land Lease Department did not have a lease listed.
  • And who is LHJ Pty Ltd, there seems to be little or no information available which is a concern.
  • Crown Land is supposed to be managed by the State for the people of Australia – the duty of care of the State is to manage on the “people’s behalf The question is why is Crown land subject to exploitation by private developers who make a profit. This is not the only case in NSW, this type of development is before the “Courts as we speak”
  • Why has Mr Baird rushed the Crown Land Bill through Parliament during the amalgamation of councils who have administrators and not the people’s elected representatives, this bill changes the way that Crown Land is regulated? Why does the State Government not have a list of Crown Land and the status of it on public access?
  • See the video of the fly over.



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