Fears expressed about NSW Government proposals for historic Parramatta Female Factory Precinct

A site so important that we should preserve for Tourism, the only one in Australia should be saved for the future not built out by highrise.

Western Sydney Frontier

1-N Parramatta transformation overview-002You have until Friday, December 19, to make a formal submission about the latest urban renewal proposals for the NSW Government owned North Parramatta site.  At this stage, only the Cumberland Precinct and part of the Sports and Leisure Precincts are up for consideration. Click here to view the plans and documents on Urban Growth NSW’s website. The Cumberland Precinct includes the colonial Parramatta Female Factory Precinct (PFFP) and the former Parramatta Girls’ Home, which share a grim history of female detention and abuse.

Passionate advocate for the retention of the these buildings is artist Bonney Djuric. She urges their restoration as a living memorial to the forgotten women and children and others marginalised by society. A former Parramatta “girl” herself, Bonney has spent the last  decade studying, researching, assisting former inmates, establishing support networks PFFP - artist team 0114and creating links with academic institutions. Click here for information about PFFP and Parragirls. Two…

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