The Story Of The Tail Wagging The Dog – Government Hierachy

If you expect a change of government will help you in your fight for your communities, think again. Generally you are in for more of the same, because when the politicians change their seats the people in the Government Departments generally remain the same, the old say of “throwing the baby out with the bath water” comes to mind. If the hierarchy is acting in the public interest they usually do not come under public scrutiny. If they do not, then instead of faceless men and women we need to see who is behind the rules and decisions that we are fighting, and who are the people making those decisions.

If you look at the people who is supposed to be serve “IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST” you will find that they are connected with all sorts of government departments and corporate bodies, they sit on all sorts of committees. Just by being part of these committees can wield tremendous power. This is not restricted to one level of Government but happens at all three levels. The current shifting of politicians and public servants to avoid scrutiny is more common place now than ever before. When Crown Land Our Land get a fix on a problem Public Servant or Politician who is working against the public interest they are put into another position. One of our members Adelle Carrall-Browne writes…………

The hierarchy of government departments/corporations is inverted, with bureaucrats doing the decision-making and the various government ministers – including the Premier – doing their bidding. Ministers are provided with (but not limited to) ‘communication material’ (often grossly incorrect propaganda) which has been produced by bureaucrats who should be their subordinates. (Roads & Maritime Services, the renamed RTA, is a prime example of this.)

Said ‘communication material’ is treated as legitimate by the ministers and their official advisers. And that ‘communication material’ (which is paid for by the agency responsible for its production) is utilised ad nauseam by government ministers and mainstream media to promote and ‘justify’ the most unjust of projects.

From the linked article: The Lord Mayor dismissed the comparison of City of Sydney’s media team with the NSW Premier’s. “Staff in the Office of the Premier work closely with and are supported by media and communication material produced by staff from across multiple ministerial offices and the media and communications units within each of the government’s agencies,” she said. …

June M Bullivant OAM

Crown Land Our Land—crown-land.php





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