Roads and Maritime Services – State Significance – Money For Favours?

Road and Maritime Services- State Significance – Money for Favours?

Adele Carrall-Browne writes from “People Opposing and Exposing Corruption that the Road and Maritime Services (RMS) are forging ahead with projects with no accountability. They are using the Part 3A Major Project procedure to destroy heritage, Aboriginal Heritage, the Environment and our Communities. All in the name of progress, utilising the mantra ‘safer travel’ often ignoring the option that will achieve the same objective and prove cheaper, they forge ahead without community license. The Communities are starting to link the dots.

Most people are not aware that this is happening and not many people know that the possibility of fraudulent practices being used to push these destructive paths through our communities. The last few weeks have seen the ICAC link a number of politicians up the Eastern Seaboard with Nathan Tinkler and his Coal Loader expansion at Newcastle, he has even gone as far as Richmond in the West donating money to Bart Bassett for his campaign funds, many of the Central Coast politicians have fell on their sword or stood aside.

 Adele Writes …………………….

Roads & Maritime Services (RMS – previously known as the RTA), with the complicity of other government departments/corporations, are destroying natural and man-made environments – priceless heritage – at every opportunity.

The routes being used for these so-called ‘upgrades’ are not necessarily the cheapest to construct or the safest for road users. They do not necessarily reduce travel distance and may not even reduce travel time.

RMS and their contractors are, “Destroying people’s lives,” (Nerong resident). They are, in many cases absolutely unnecessarily, causing ‘horrendous noise, dust, vibration [and] fumes’ (Sapphire to Woolgoolga ‘upgrade’ resident).

Dust to which people impacted by these so-called ‘upgrades’ have been exposed includes (but is not limited to) crystalline silica dust (silica dust). Silica dust (both quartz and cristobalite) is a Group 1 human carcinogen and the only cause of silicosis, an incurable lung disease.

They are damaging private property with blasting and other vibration-causing activities. In (but not necessarily limited to) the case of blasting-damaged properties at Nerong, ‘In each instance the Roads and Traffic Authority, and through it the Abigroup [another Lend Lease subsidiary] and the claims assessors, have said that there is no real damage; it is only a figment of residents’ imaginations’ [John Turner (now former) National Party MP].

RTA – RMS – Highway Upgrade Victims:!/groups/148560308609561/

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June M Bullivant OAM

Crown Land Our Land


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