Gladesville Community Overruled by NSW Government Procedure – A Lesson For All

Gladesville Community Overruled by NSW Government Procedure- A Lesson for All

The Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) is used by the NSW Government to force bad planning on communities; there are several ways of using the current legislation to make this happen. Pru Goward the current Minister for Planning inherited a Planning system which because of the failure of the White Paper for planning to address community concerns which favoured the development Industry. Minister Goward then decided to use the planning laws that already existed, the JRPP and “The Gateway Review”

Because the proposed redevelopment of Gladesville Shopping Village requires a Capital Investment Value in excess of $20 million, the Relevant Planning Authority is the Joint Regional Planning Panel, formed by the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, part of the state government of NSW. Links to the JRPP website are provided at Links and Sources

The public could make submissions to Hunters Hill Council on this DA until the end of the notification period, which was 15 November 2013. Public submissions were forwarded to Architectus. Architectus is an independent town planning consultant which was engaged by Hunters Hill Council to assess and report on this DA because of Hunters Hill Council’s conflict of interest (discussed below). Architectus will compile and report on the public submissions received in respect of this DA. The Council will receive Architectus’ report and may make additional comments, in its formal submission to the JRPP.  

Hunters Hill Council has an acknowledged conflict of interest in this development, arising from the future sale of land to the developer, pursuant to Option contracts exchanged with the developer. These are referred in minutes to Council Meetings, but details have not been made public due to the Council’s classification of them as ‘commercial in confidence’. 

Hunters Hill Council may also be considered highly motivated to see the success of this development, as it makes a large contribution of 180 dwellings toward the target 500-600 imposed by the state government, previously. 

As members of the community, we must consider Council’s actions with regard to its various interests, and how they may conflict at times. More information is to be provided about Council’s conflict of interest, as soon as possible. Listed below is part of the Hunters Hill Council’s own Charter.

  • To properly manage, develop, protect, restore, enhance and conserve the environment of the area.


  • To have regard to the long term and cumulative effects of Council decisions.


  • To bear in mind that Council is the custodian and trustee of public assets and to effectively account for and manage those assets.


All governments have a Code of Conduct and a Charter that is supposed to be used for the people they represent, this means that they are to conduct business on your behalf, and the problem today the system is being used to bypass community concern. So called Government assets belong to the people, all decisions made are supposed to protect the community they serve.


It is important that people realise that the setting of precedents, allowing politicians to sell off our Buildings, our Parkes and Reserves, putting laws of trespass in place to allow private profit from public or (Crown Land) is not in the community interest and therefore goes against the code of conduct and the Charter that they swear to uphold when they take office.


Despite the community lodging 298 submissions, they were told the development application would continue without modification to the JRPP. See the Community presentations to Hunters Hill Council


Gladesville Community is not anti-development, but opposes development which is not responsible. The proposed redevelopment of the Gladesville Shopping Village would unnecessarily reduce amenity for existing residents, customers of local businesses, school children and their parents, and other members of the community who visit Gladesville. Approving the redevelopment as proposed in Development Application 2013-1036 would provide excess financial returns to the developer, to the detriment of the wider community.


Most people in all communities only have this aim, we all want a good life to our children and grandchildren, we want to leave something behind, like our young men who fought in all wars to keep our country safe and a place that we are proud of, our communities need to fight to keep them a welcoming, safe, healthy and happy place to live and with a balanced amount of development that will not put our communities at risk of overcrowding and traffic chaos.


June M Bullivant OAM

Crown Land Our Land


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