Aboriginal Heritage Destroyed

The enormity of the corruption and brutality involved with the (fraudulently named) Bulahdelah Bypass (through the mid-slopes of Bulahdelah Mountain, traditional – Worimi – name: Boolah Dillah, the Great Rock) is overwhelming. So much so that even to condense events such as the following can be quite difficult:- Bulahdelah Mountain (long-term nickname: the Alum Mountain, traditional – Worimi – name: Boolah Dillah, the Great Rock) is of international heritage and cultural significance. It is central to Worimi territory and is sacred to Worimi people of cultural belief. 170 hectares of the mountain are dedicated Public Reserve: Bulahdelah Mountain Park. The sacred Guardian- Healing-Tree was within said reserve. On 23rd December, 2009 – some seven months prior to commencement of major destruction for the (fraudulently named) Bulahdelah Bypass – route Option E – with the corrupt complicity of (but not limited to) the Department of Planning, the Office of Environment & Heritage (under previous names) and Peter Garrett, (then) Minister for Environment Protection, Heritage and the Arts, Roads & Maritime Services (the then RTA) had the sacred tree dismembered. Part of the mutilated remains, the trunk, was hauled to the RTA’s Bulahdelah depot where it was stored in dump-like surroundings. Worimi – by entirely peaceable, lawful means – did his utmost to prevent the destruction of the sacred Guardian- Healing Tree and the sacred mountain itself. For that, he was set upon by ruffians who, on 28th March, 2009, attempted to murder him and violently assaulted others while he was camping in the Bulahdelah Aboriginal Tent Embassy at the Alum Mountain Park (the Main Picnic Grounds of the Public Reserve). Worimi later had to have a heart bypass operation. He was victimised by police who, although failing to charge any of the attempted murderers or their accessories, charged Worimi after he was verbally assaulted and threatened by louts on 7th June, 2009. On 4th April, 2013, eight days after the opening of the southbound lanes of the Option E roadway, the charges against Worimi were withdrawn. The mountain is now under threat due to rezoning which has been conducted by Great Lakes Council and from CSG mining (PEL 476 – Pangaea – Myall Syncline). https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=421689264637065&set=p.421689264637065&type=1&theate

Copyright Adele Carrall-Browne


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