Mines Mining Every Where – Gippsland Victoria

Mines Mining Every Where – Gippsland Victoria.


One thought on “Mines Mining Every Where – Gippsland Victoria

  1. I wish to inform the Australian public that my land at Flamingo Beach Gippsland Victoria was Rezoned to rural conservation to Protect the environment as alleged by Wellington Shire Council, but after many hours of research I discovered that my land is sitting on top of Mining Exploration licence E L 4968 as alleged by mining Licences near me.
    First Grant 12 /08/2014. – Therefore I ask the Victorian State Government who gave the Above Mining Exploration licence to Entrance Energy Inc, 600 Bourke Melbourne, 3000.
    What Action is the Victorian State Government taking to compensate the thousands of land Owners who`s land is sitting on top of the above Mining Exploration Licence? The loss of property value + damages for the loss of enjoyment of my land at Flamingo Beach Gippsland Victoria is a constant source of anxiety, Trauma, and mental anguish for me and my wife who is suffering from kidney failure and spends 4 . 5 hours in hospital 3 times per week attached to a kidney machine. I appeal to His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd) Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia to Intervene and Commission a Royal Commission and or a Judicial inquiry into the activity of Wellington Shire Council and the Victorian State Government.


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