Dictatorship, Power, Greed and Profit – For The Common Good


When successive Governments start their tenure they are heard to Trumpet “we will Govern for all Australians”. This is rarely the case with the modern Politicians having an agenda that benefits themselves and the Party that they are supporting and not the people they have been elected to represent. They use legislation like Part 3A or Gateway Reviews to overrule local Government and the people denying them the right to object, they use brute force, arrest and gaol to contain the people who have a will to do so, it does not matter if that person is old, or holds high office. The Gateway Review is a forum where the developer has been able to protest the denial of development, the JRPP with no local knowledge, relying on reports which are designed to make the project look banal, they  determine the case submits it to the next process “The Gateway”.

These two processes do not favour the citizens of Australia, the Gateway and Part 3A is not the platform where the community will get a fair go of their rights, it is a process where out of 200 cases 8 were won by the citizen and 192 were won by the developer. Transparency, Code of Conduct, Rule of Fair Go for All, is nonexistent.

The Conservative side of politics govern for the percentage of rich people in Australia that is how they and the rich people get richer. At this point in time Australia has a majority of Conservative Governments. This is having a devastating effect on the ordinary Australian, the usually quiet hard working person that goes about their business of attaining an education, starting a business, finding a job, marrying a partner and raising a family, and paying their taxes.

During the last few years these hard working taxpayers and hard working volunteers have to take time out of their busy lives to fight to protect the very land they live on from an onslaught of projects that the rich minority of our country are forcing upon them.

For this piece we would like to discuss the push to privatise Crown Land. This land has been put aside for the future use of our Community, land that mainly makes up our National Parks, Our beaches, Sporting Reserves, Wetlands and State Assets that are all endangered in this climate of overdevelopment and privatisation of Crown Land.

The failure of the NSW White Paper Planning has not stopped the rush to sell Australia. Glossy Brochures shout that Australia is For Sale, they shout in Foreign Languages that you can own a bit of Australia like the big Sandstone Building in Bridge Street Sydney or the unique and lovely Jenolan Caves.

This push to privatise Crown Land has led to corrupt practices in the past and it will continue into the future. The ICAC has been a very busy place in the past few years, but they battle for time to hear a lot of the cases and do not have the power to lay charges.

Over successive weeks we will endeavour to air the corrupt practices that are happening this minute, this day, this month, this year. We will tell you how a Chief Advisor to a Corrupt Minster has worked his way into a position of importance in the Crown Lands Department of the New South Wales Government and is making decisions that are affecting your lives.

Two months ago a group was formed called Crown Land Our Land, the Charter of this group is to bring to the attention of the Politicians but more importantly the people of Australia who are in danger of having their very lives put at risk from practices that come too close to their property and pollute their land which contain our food. Also the practices which pollute our water, and deny our citizens the right of passage, the continuing push to build on every piece of land they can get their hands on. With little or no consultation these projects are pushed forward with no attention to Heritage, Archaeology or remediation which is an integral part of the precious part of our country which is our land. If you are aware of an issue in your area please contact us through the Website http://www.crownlandourland.org.au/

June M Bullivant OAM.


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